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A system of massage on 

the reflex and pressure

points of the feet, 

working on all the systems 

of the body, benefiting 

your overall well-being

50 minutes


Indian Head Massage

A relaxing massage 

of the upper back, neck, 

shoulders, upper arms, 

face and scalp with a 

chakra balance.

30 minutes



A Japanese holistic 

treatment using chi 

(energy) to promote 

relaxation, and balance 

your chakras and 

meridians, releasing 

energy blocks that can 

have a profound effect 

on your well-being.

Approx 45 mins


Full body massage

Using Swedish 

techniques to 

manipulate muscles, 

soft tissues and joints to 

alleviate stress, pain and 

aid detoxification.

1 hour


Back massage

Focusing on back, neck 

and shoulders, this 

treatment can alleviate 

stress, tension and back 


30 mins


Aromatherapy Facial

A relaxing facial using

paraben, sulphate and 

mineral oil free 

aromatherapy products. 

Includes cleanse, 

exfoliation, massage, 

masque, tone and 

moisturiser to rejuvenate 

tired skin.

45 mins



Shellac / gel nails 

Hands or feet 


Lash lift and tint


Lash extensions

From £50

Lash infills 

From £25

Lash tint


Brow tint and shape 


Billion Dollar Brows

Giving your brows high 

definition by measuring, 

tinting, waxing, plucking, 

trimming and make-up 



Brow shape 

Brow tidy



Lip or chin wax  


Full leg wax 


Half leg wax 


Bikini wax

From £12


From £15



*Please note​ a 24 hour 

patch test is required for 

lash/brow treatments and 

will remain valid for six 


* There will be a brief 

consultation conducted 

at the start of your 

first treatment.